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Mike Kremer on Dec 24, 2001 at 01:11 (

Re: Anti-Gravity, for real!!! (Wade Lee)

Oh my goodness, what stupendous wonderful news. I cannot think of any other discovery more world shattering than this one. This must give the greatest encouragment for dozens of 'second rate' physicists to forego their christmas pudding and hot foot it over to Sweden, before the world rush.

If such a tiny spinning disk/mass does distort gravity, they will have dozens of second rate
scientists all taking measurements, of the microscopic lessening of gravity in the area of the spinning disc. Others not so sure, will be looking for the area very nearby, where the distorted gravity is infact minutely increased.

Of course the original discoverers of the effect
probably won't allow more than two researchers into the test room at any time, lest their body mass further distort local gravity. I have no doubt that they will all learn to smoke, better able to see the visual effect of smoke rising to the ceiling. As soon as one physicist looks up and realises the ceiling is covered in plastic tiles, while exhaled smoke is charged positive, all bets will be off.
The 'first rate' physicists, who had the good sense to stay at home, will be instructing geologists to start looking for rock voids directly under the Swedish research Labs.
The Fortean Times will be organising and photographing a scaled up model of the spinning disk, complete with tiny plastic green men sitting
in the center of their model.
While the more intellectual scientists amongs the
group, taking another tack, having noticed that
a compass needle turned on its side, points more
vertically, than where they come from. Start checking for free radicals and air ions, and charged particles that might tend to follow the Earths lines of force.
All in all everyone is about to have a wonderful Xmas, all expenses, Company paid.
After all when something comes up that actually sounds like a plausible scientific discovery, you would need to be pretty down to earth not to jump on the band wagon. ;>)

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