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Re: what a horse trader you are! (DA Morgan)

I said that if scientists were wrong the cost would not be economy crushing.

If not crushing then what? If we expend resources to this cause, from where will the resources come?

That if scientists claiming we are undergoing human-promoted climate changes were right it would save civilization.

Then to not do so would destroy civilization? OK, if the scientists are right, something even the spearheader James Hansen is himself beginning to doubt, and the odds end up playing out so that the warming occurs exactly as predicted, for exactly the reasons stated, how exactly will the extreme expenditure of resources required to implement the climate policies currently put forth by these scientists effect the changes necessary to "save civilization" so as to at least counter-act the harm done by the resources expended?

Is everything in your life black or white?

Everything is red, cyan and green, or alternately red, cyan, and yellow depending on what Iím looking at. I'm always looking for the third variable.

Are there no shades of gray?

Rarely, because policies are almost never black or white, only implemented or not.

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