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Posted by Mike Kremer on Feb 04, 2002 at 16:55 (

Re: Good, you do that. (Richard Linney)

Thats not a very nice heading in itself.
I must agree with Richard L and Amaranth, petty arguments and backbitting do nothing for this Forum, except drive away all those readers who have an interest in Science.
Regarding the posting of Scientific articles that others may find interesting, it should be remembered that we are not in competition with each other, or the Forum editor....Kate.
It does show up those that are genuinely interested in Science. What is objectionable its immeadiate degeneration to a reply that is totally
divorced from the original posting.
Surely we can all find something of interest in the posted article to comment upon? It should'nt matter whether your reply is right or wrong, as long as it is connected by word, logic, or science
to the original article.
What is important is the proper continuation of the subject in hand, refering to the original
comment , if in doubt.
Unscientific answers like-"grab a science book from the Library are not acceptable.

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