Re: Good, you do that.

Posted by Dale on Feb 04, 2002 at 11:10

Re: Good, you do that. (Amaranth Rose)

No-one ever replies to any topics I post. They wait until someone else posts the same thing, and they reply to them...


When I do comment or reply to a post, no one posts a reply..

Could it be that you have made the ultimate comment and everyone else is so awed they are speechless?

I get comments from people involving remarks about love, feelings, red hair, wives, sex or other non-scientific and vulgar topics, ..


I'm not into backbiting, hack and slash, cut-throat, relentless persecution and ad hominem attacks, ..

Thatís good. Letís the three of us set a good example for Danny.

I become the object of ridicule and cutesipation regimens.


At least the Chippendale guys have two things going for them: They're not out to hurt anyone deliberately, and they're nice to look at. Or so I've been told.

Excuse me but are you changing subject and bringing sex into your reply? Your original post referred to Chip Ďní Dale which are the cartoon chipmunks. They intentionally hurt Donald Duck. But Iíll agree they are pleasant (read fun) to watch (look at). But now you seem to desire to change to an obscene subject (The Chippendale semi-nude male entertainers). Sorry, honey, but I think you should remember there are children monitoring this forum. Please keep your lewd, non-scientific, and vulgar thoughts to yourself.

You might also wish to take some very sage advice.

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