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Amaranth Rose on Feb 04, 2002 at 01:55 (

Re: Good, you do that. (bobbapink)

(a) No-one ever replies to any topics I post. They wait until someone else posts the same thing, and they reply to them, or

(b)When I do comment or reply to a post, no one posts a reply, or

(c) I get comments from people involving remarks about love, feelings, red hair, wives, sex or other non-scientific and vulgar topics, or

(d) I'm not into backbiting, hack and slash, cut-throat, relentless persecution and ad hominem attacks, or

(e) I become the object of ridicule and cutesipation regimens.

At least the Chippendale guys have two things going for them: They're not out to hurt anyone deliberately, and they're nice to look at. Or so I've been told.

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