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Re: what a horse trader you are! (DA Morgan)

You wrote: "yep. especially when said slowdown would have zero impact on warming or cooling and would serve only to hamstring the economy."
Said by who? You? Dale? Or someone with a Ph.D. in the subject?

Actually said by lots of folks with PH.D.s. Do you want a list? If you feel a name is more important than an argument, I can provide you with one. Their arguments are persuasive. Heck, they even persuaded you. Did you not say: I agree with you about no one knowing, for sure, what is going on.

You wrote: "It is not a similar claim."
Unless you are younger than I think you are ... you should remember the arguments all over the press (TV, radio, and newspaper). And yes it is. Same arguments by the same people.

So is it your position that the merits of the CO2 restriction argument should be based upon the merits of having catalytic converters? Or should each argument be judged upon itís own merits? Have you any arguments not made of straw? It appears not. Why can you not defend your ridiculous assertion that reducing CO2 production will ďsave civilization?Ē Are you incapable? Letís try again.

BobbaGreat! Expending valuable resources and reducing the ability to create wealth, increasing poverty and likely increasing harmful pollution, all in return for effecting a tiny global reduction of an essential trace gas on the dubious theoretical premise that doing so will prevent or slow the equally dubious occurrence of global warming. And why? Because of the laughable assumption that warming would destroy civilization!

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