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Re: Car that runs on water invented by efrinder daniel dingle (elgin jones)

Let me start off by telling you how much i love things like this. They are often very interesting, even though they are nothing more than jokes at best, scams at worst.

Anyway, back to the subject line.

To learn to read German, go to the google web page and type in the search term "Erfinder Daniel Dingle"

The very first result should be Daniel Dingle. Beside that result you should see the option "[translate this page]"

Select that option.

Google will do a pretty darn good job of translating the page into English.

Anyway, back to Mr. Dingle.

This is a snip from the translated page (I'd provide a link but I doubt it would work)

Water cars run not with explosion of the detonating gas, but with implosion of compressed ether energy. Proofs: The engine will cold , and runs with very much preignition, it could never with the small quantity detonating gas run . Daniel Dingles water car: The reactor is a faradaeischer cage. In it a normal electrolysis with 12 V and 5 Amper is carried out. Around the electrolysis unit is a swinging coil of only few turns. This coil swings in resonance with the ether energy . This energy is back-reflected by the edelstahlbehaelter into the inside, and gives thus strengthens the Engie on the electrolysis off. The detonating gas, which is mixed with exhaust air , shifted with energy, sucks in the engine. After two thirds of the compression procedure the concentrated ether charge is ignited, and condensed in form of a Inplosion

Presumably, the key to making this water car invention work is the faradaeischer cage in conjunction with the rather obscure edelstahlbehaelter, which i assume is something akin to the Flux Capacitor used the the motion picture Back to the Future. I thought using the "edelstahlbehaelter" to back-reflect the compressed ether energy was rather creative.

Do they sell those at Radio Shack?

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