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Re: what a horse trader you are! (DA Morgan)

Fascinating. You think doing something to slow down emissions of greenhouse gases is equivalent to putting you into the level of poverty experienced by 40% of the people on this planet.

yep. especially when said slowdown would have zero impact on warming or cooling and would serve only to hamstring the economy.

Based on the similar claims when the argument was about putting catalytic converters on cars I would think by now you were panhandling by the railroad tracks.

It is not a similar claim.

I'll repost my argument so you can address it. Try to keep in mind that it was your objective to "save civilization"

Bobba:Great! Expending valuable resources and reducing the ability to create wealth, increasing poverty and likely increasing harmful pollution, all in return for effecting a tiny global reduction of an essential trace gas on the dubious theoretical premise that doing so will prevent or slow the equally dubious occurance of global warming. And why? Because of the laughable assumption that warming would destroy civilization!

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