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Re: Mystery virus ravages UK frogs (Natalie L. Smith)

The most recent article I read (last year) said that the CFC levels in the lower atmosphere were now dropping and that those in the stratosphere had leveled off. What is your source?

Because of the phaseout, CFCs are no longer accumulating in the atmosphere at an accelerating rate. Scientists predict that maximum CFC levels will occur before the turn of the century.

Trends in CFCs have shown a nearly constant increase at all monitoring locations.

Were you possibly referring to this?

After 13 years of government regulation, concentrations of those ozone-depleting molecules known as chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) are finally declining in the lower atmosphere and leveling off in the stratosphere. Yet NASA satellites recently detected the largest ozone hole ever recorded--three times larger than the United States--looming over Antarctica >see image at right; blue represents low ozone levels). Factors other than CFCs are also contributing heavily to ozone destruction.

The effects of exposure to UV is very different - increase in developmental abnormalities and resulting decline and death.

Now itís my turn. Sources? I agree we have both types of deformity/mortality. Where is the evidence, however, that UV is the cause of one? These frogs donít live in Antarctica. Ok, they also donít live in the Arctic. Where is the evidence that there is a significant change in UV levels where the frogs live and that this is the cause of the problem and not some other differnce?

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