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DA Morgan on Jan 31, 2002 at 13:50 (

Re: what a horse trader you are! (bobbapink)

You wrote: "Great! Expending valuable resources and reducing the ability to create wealth."

My comment:
Were you one of the 40% of the people on the planet so destitute and oppressed that you have never made a telephone call I would afford your comment some respect.

In fact you are one of the wealthiest, healthiest, and most technologically advanced people on the planet (by definition since you are connected to the internet).

So take your whining to someone that cares. This complaint has been heard over and over and over again. And not once has the economy disintegrated because as a result of the so-called concern. Sort of like all of those that are "fiscally responsible" supporting the Bush administration (7.1% unemployment and deficit spending) while decrying the liberal tax and spend democrats (Clinton administration) who ran the country during its greatest decade of prosperity (4% unemployment and a surplus).

If you are going to make arguments ... make them with substance. (grin)

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