Re: ... then put your tail between your legs

Posted by Dale on Jan 31, 2002 at 11:29

Re: ... then put your tail between your legs (Natalie L. Smith)

Opens a whole new approach, don't you think?

No. Back when I was getting my first degree it was "relevance" that was important. If the course wasnít practical, we didnít want to study it. If they taught history without teaching about how much slaves contributed to the writing of the US Constitution, the history course wasnít relevant to us and we wanted to prohibit it from being taught. (I am speaking of a generic we that didnít include me.) So now the hippies are in charge of the asylum.

Students should have SOME input into what is taught. If they want to be taught creationism, who are you to say they are wrong? The administration (read experts) should set a minimum curriculum but allow for a ďminorĒ in witchcraft if that is what a student wants to learn. The administration is not going to set what can be learned and what canít. Students have a habit of learning what they want to learn eventually. And the more you try to hide it, they more they want it. Better to at least remain in the learning chain than to eliminate yourself by declaring that something isnít worth learning. And, never can tell, once you start preparing the curriculum you may find that the experts aren't as all knowing as you thought.

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