Re: Mystery virus ravages UK frogs

Posted by Dale on Jan 31, 2002 at 09:51

Re: Mystery virus ravages UK frogs (Natalie L. Smith)

Actually, Dale, that last article (of the three) puts forth a supportable connection between amphibian decline and abnormal development and increased exposure to UV-B (i.e. ozone related), NOT global warming.

See, I'm don't ignore data just because it doesnít fit my thesis. :) But didnít one of those other articles state that ozone depletion was caused by global warming (nonsense but werenít they all?)

If you read the article, the experimental approach and conclusions drawn both seem to be sound enough to justify some concern, IMHO.

I read all four. Yes, there is a hint of science beneath the hysteria. The first article indicating the problem is virus related seems sound. The others were speculation masquerading as science.

The good news is that they say the decline is slowing and that the worst seems to be over. Wonder if the timing is related to the CFC restrictions.

Except the CFC levels keep rising and we keep being told the ozone holes are worse every year. Are the frogs succumbing to natural selection with well tanned frogs surviving and Norwegian frogs dying off? Or was the problem a virus infection that has run its course?

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