Re: Rethinking Dale's position

Posted by Dale on Jan 30, 2002 at 09:30

Re: Rethinking Dale's position (I. S.)

I have 2 problems with the global warming mantra. You are discovering the first Ė that we donít really know what is going on and canít predict 10 years in advance, let alone 100. The other is that even if the worst of the predictions turn out to be true, the cure is far worse than the disease. The predictions of global catastrophe are just nonsense. The predicted rise in sea level doesnít mean millions of deaths. It means only that buildings right on the sea shore might not survive more than 100 years. The predicted changes in temperature and rainfall on agriculture doesnít mean global starvation. It only means that farmers might have to change to different seeds or even different crops as they have been doing every few years for the past century. The real problem of global warming is the cure which is to eliminate energy sources and capitalism. These are changes which actually will kill millions of people.

The world is a rather unstable place. Life, however, is rather good at adapting as long as you don't kill it in the name of saving it.

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