Sometimes you just have to think your way out of that blackhole

Posted by Dale on Jan 26, 2002 at 12:39

Re: .. may the forces be with you (Dale, Bobbapink) (Eudaemonic Pie)

Dale's note framing the question in the context of black holes put us into a position to learn the answer to the discrete/continuous effects of gravity, but there, the observers may not affect the observed so much as have all their knowledge die with them in a giant black hole sucking sound mightier and more fatal than the sucking sound of any federal deficit.

AHHH! Not so fast leaping from one mental state to another. Assume that this is the way to prove/disprove quantum gravity and you need to do the experiment without also determining the reality of life after death. How would you do it? What measurement can we make of electrons and their interactions with other material in such a gravity field? Is an experiment possible? That, my friend, is what science is all about. Not believing something is possible or impossible without the evidence. And I have found that one of the best ways to get from one mental state to another is to assume the impossible is possible and then work out the details of getting from where we are to where we think we canít go. It is how a magician creates a new magic trick and how a scientist designs an experiment to prove what has previously eluded proof.

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