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Posted by Dale on Jan 26, 2002 at 12:24

Re: a ponderer... (Andy™)

I also got full credit and was singled out by the instructor to the class for defining the kermit as a Tibetan monetary unit. (It’s actually a seldom used unit of measure of radiation exposure.) I think what got the teacher rolling on the floor while grading the test was that I also included the correct current exchange rate to both US dollars AND German deutschmarks.

As far as halfway being half full and half empty at the same time, I guess I’m one of those unusual people who doesn’t see the distinction. All three indicate a quantity. The idea that half full is optimistic and half empty is pessimistic eludes me. It depends on the situation. If you were waist deep in a sewer, would you be optimistic to say it was half full and pessimistic if you said it was clearly half empty?

Is the water for drinking or watering the flowers? Are you thirsty or has it been raining for the past 2 weeks? Is it enough to put out my shoe that is on fire? The question seems unanswerable without more details. Even with more details such as you been in the desert sun for 6 hours with no water and someone starts to hand you a full glass but stumbles and spills half so that you now get a half full glass that is only half empty while the other half is seeping into the ground… It still seems dependent on personal whim that could change with just one more little piece of information such as did they accidentally stumble or was it on purpose?

Psychology is to science as kindergarten is to college.

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