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Re: P.S. Supporting article from nature (Dale)

Bobba, what I meant was how/whether the scientists themselves had any uncertainties their method truly isolated the force of gravity out from the other fundamental forces (see Dale's comments)? and if they had such prepublication uncertainties, whether their uncertainties were concealed rather than expressed in popular media coverage?

It's standard for scientists to harbor at least a few uncertainties about the meaning of their data due to the method by which data is collected.

In addition to Dale's questions, I had another one: whether/how this newly observed neutron energy (1.41x 10^(-12) electronvolts) might/might not be a constant (thus producing differing distances of "jumps") at higher levels of energy?
After Bobba's reply to me, I went back and re-read the article. Doh. I discovered that I had missed this note on first reading: that "the team still has to confirm this." My fault.

Dale's note framing the question in the context of black holes put us into a position to learn the answer to the discrete/continuous effects of gravity, but there, the observers may not affect the observed so much as have all their knowledge die with them in a giant black hole sucking sound mightier and more fatal than the sucking sound of any federal deficit.

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