Re: Secret at heart of red wine

Posted by Dale on Jan 26, 2002 at 11:39

Re: Secret at heart of red wine (mara)

mine was a comment about the possibility that the fact that Frenchment did not seem to eat as much red meat as other populations might contribute to their health.

Yes, just as their perchance for eliminating English words from creeping into their language might cause less stress learning new words resulting in better health. Itís a nice idea but without proof it is only an idea no better and no worse than all other ideas.

i had read that in England during World War II, when meat was rationed, that the number of heart attacks decreased considerably.

Urban legend at best. Too small of a time period to be significant. Drastically altered population. Very different environmental situation. Very difficult to draw significant conclusions.

p.s. welcome back, you stimulate my debating skills. or is it just my capacity to disagree, or is it just that i am disagreeable ? noooooooo:)

Why thank you. I try to be as disagreeable as possible so as not to disappoint those who are equably disagreeable. :) What a dull world it would be if we all agreed. Can you imagine a forum for the discussion of how well proven it is that the earth is round or that 2+2=4?

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