Re: Hexagonal Dimples Boost Golf Balls Flight.

Posted by Dale on Jan 26, 2002 at 09:50

Re: Hexagonal Dimples Boost Golf Balls Flight. (anyman)

I defer to your obviously greater experience. Back in the olden days when I played the game I had to depend on chipping and putting ability to get me through. My drives were almost always pathetic. I would often use a 6 iron off the tee because I could hit that farther than a driver. On the rare occasions that I connected with a driver, I would watch the ball go out of site and it would often be lost.

The last drive of my life was on a par 5 with a 3 wood (feeling adventurous and we had already lost the tournament by the 9th hole). I put everything I knew about hitting a ball straight into that swing. The ball started turning right (whatever you want to call that) as soon as it left the tee. It got a maximum distance from the tee of about 75 yards before it was going 90 degrees to the hole. By the time it landed it had completed about a 120 degree turn and was traveling away from the hole again. That pretty much convinced me that golf was not my forte.

When we got to the green a photographer was there taking pictures of the tournament for the company magazine. I was about 30 feet from the cup and away. I looked at the line (slight tilt to the right at the start but then level the last 20 feet), took my stance for the camera, and sunk it dead center. The cameraman didnít take the picture because he knew I didnít have a chance and he was waiting for a closer shot. He missed the last time in my life that I will hit a golf ball. Unlike Michael Jordan, I know how to quit at the top of my game. :)

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