Re: 'You canny change the laws of physics. Captain'

Posted by Mike Kremer on Jul 29, 2002 at 23:53

Re: 'You canny change the laws of physics. Captain' (DA Morgan)

We all debunked Podkletnov, January a year ago when even the Finnish scientists could'nt duplicate his work
Podkletnov is regarded as very secretive about his 'work', and we agreed then that he was looking for funding.
I do find the psychology of scientific minded individuals amazing, especially when confronted with a laboratory setup that actually looks as though it might have the scientific items to enable it to work. In this case a high speed rotating superconducting ceramic disc hovering over powerful electro magnets, has all the ingredients of a physics fantasy that might come true.

I suppose ever since HG Wells invented 'Cavorite'
the world has wondered about Anti Gravity.
In this case it is Messrs Boeing, Messrs NASA, and the British Company BAe Systems who are all working on a reduction of Gravity experiments.
Dr Yevgeny Pockleton (why do I think of Danny Kaye?) has stated that his device only reduces
gravity by 2%. A clever ploy...since the other 98%
ensures that everything still remains in place.

Why have these big companys started their Anti Grav experiments? Well IF it was to work , even a 2% saving of weight in Aircraft Rockets etc could run into Billions. They dont trust the laws of Physics enough to leave it alone. Once one Company starts experimenting, two, three and more
have get on the fantasy bandwagon.
Once failure has set in.......the next thing they will be doing is to produce a spinning mini black hole, that wraps itself up in a magnetic field.

Prehaps none of us then,....will ever be aware of their sucess

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