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DA Morgan on Jul 29, 2002 at 16:57

Re: Cite your sources (Sparrow)

Actually you are incorrect in your statement. What you think you know is actually the result of a lack of thoroughly studying the subject.

For example: Some of the verbiage attributed to Moses has been shown, word for word, to have been written hundreds of years before in other texts. Other parts of the Old Testament are paraphrases of the Epic of Gilgamesh. And yet others are clearly indicative of having been plagiarized from earlier works of which the origin is unknown.

If you can find anyone around that speaks Aramaic perhaps you can do better with the New Testament. But even with that you might want to note that it hasn't exactly been a walk in the park to translate the Dead Sea Scrolls.

I stand by what I said. You do not know who wrote it, you don't know in what languages, you don't know the political or other rationales and I'll add another one on reflection ... you don't even know the correct words.

Don't take my word for it. Go to the following religious groups and ask them for the words to the Ten Commandments.

Now theoretically the Jewish people have the correct version as it was theirs first and is written, presumably unchanged, from Torah to Torah. But if you can find a Catholic Priest, a Lutheran Minister, a Southern Baptist, and a Mormon to give you identical translations from the Bible's in their desks I will eat my computer monitor.

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