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mara on Jul 29, 2002 at 15:03

Re: Sidebar... (Southern Man)

i laughed when i read the first sentence.

the limited statement about two groups may be correct, but in my opinion, it limits the discussion rather than clarifying it.

it may be correct, but it is certainly limited.

considering light, (rather than pigment) something may be black or not black, that may be correct, but it eliminates all discussion of color.

the procedure in this either/or type of commenting limits the field, and in my opinion limits the discussion, and does not lead to overall factual info or to clarification of the situation.

it may be 'correct', but it is simplistic.

so it may be correct that what i wrote may be considered 'wrong' but it certainly does not lead to a complete level of information.
some possibilities (which may be important ) are eliminated.

he may be 'correct', but i am better informed.

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