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mara on Jul 29, 2002 at 14:34

Re: more monkey business...or...gorilla gal (anyman)

re: "this is not new info...if you had read some of my earlier posts".

actually, i specifically don't read -or comment on- some of your posts.

your interest in molecular genetics and molecular virology intrigues me. can you list the names of some of the courses you are taking at the graduate level. also what school are you attending ? Harvard and Stanford present information differently from Bob Jones University.

i really am especially interested in the names of the virology courses you are taking and what areas they cover. i am aware of some of the specifics of comparisons in dna sequence in some viruses. you may not remember the posts i presented about the jc virus. it was at least a year ago.

i will keep in mind the comment about "there is nothing here that conflicts with known observational science".

as i have mentioned before, the information that is presented in a scientific venue is separate from the interpretation derived from the info.

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