Re: biology teachers...and evolution

Posted by anyman on Jul 28, 2002 at 04:46

Re: biology teachers...and evolution (Sulpicius)

sorry you feel that way...but you are certainly entitled to thus opine :-)

5% would not likely significantly lead to the kind of lack of understanding or embracing of the evolutionary philosophy that moore appears to be lamenting

neither would 5% be surprisingly high to most of us considering the national average on survey after survey over the last 30odd years is closer to something around 45 - 50% among all polled (which would admittedly not be limited to biology teachers)

in fact, 5% would be surprisingly low in my opinion (which i realize is worth little here :-)

but we'll have to wait for the full text of the article to try and better ascertain just what it is that he is lamenting and how high a percentage he perceives it to be

if anyone has access to this article and can post it here for us or can email it to me...i would be most may take laonger than i originally anticipated for me to get it from the source i contacted

"educational MALpractice" is his opinion, nothing more...and he is also thus entitled to opine :-)

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