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anyman on Jul 27, 2002 at 11:22

I do not subscribe and so I have not yet read the full text of the following article (though, I will soon have a copy)

but I found the title and subtitle to be most illuminating...and the abstract to be very interesting in its own right :-)

the author, randy moore (university of minnesota, twin cities), is also the chief editor of the journal, american biology teacher (publication of the nabt, the largest organization of biology teachers in the world and not limited to americans in membership) so he is in a position to speak, at least in come measure, about the philosophical underpinnings of biology teachers :-)

Educational Malpractice:
Why Do So Many Biology Teachers Endorse Creationism?

from: here

We often blame the poor state of evolution education on factors such as political pressure and weak science-education standards. However, there is an additional, and simpler, explanation: the surprisingly high percentage of biology teachers who endorse creationism. ---Randy Moore (emp mine)

so why do so many biology teachers -- at all levels of learning -- endorse creationism

maybe because after years of work in the field, they haven't seen the evidence to support the dariwnian or any other evolutionary hypotheses...and because the evidences they do see agree very nicely with the creationary scenario and often conflict with the evolutionary scenario :-)

he he he...sometimes life is too good, eh :-)

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