Cite your sources

Posted by Sparrow on Jul 27, 2002 at 08:55

Re: You are seriously deluded (DA Morgan)

I can't believe that a scientist wannabe like you would say the first four things as gospel (tee-hee) without realizing that they are all in total error -- you may not agree with the answers, but the ARE known. We know infinitely more about who wrote it, when it was written, the language(s) in which it was written, and for what purpose it was written than we know about Julius Caesar, Homer, and Ovid. You haven't done your homework at all! If believe that you have, then cite your sources.

And Carl is certainly not spinning in his coffin, but he DOES know the answers -- NOW. -- So will you.... me, it's better you know the answers BEFORE they lower you down. You just need to ask the right questions....


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