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Re: Largest Human Chromosome Deciphered (mara)

WOW!!! Another uninformed person I can help!!! :)

There is NO repeat NO! SS bank account. There is NO repeat NO! money sitting anywhere in an account that anyone can point to and say that is my SS money. SS is a Ponzi scam. (If you donít know what a Ponzi scam is, PLEASE look it up.) Every penny paid out today comes from the tax a worker paid today. People retiring today get back all the money they paid in the first 18 months. From then on it is just a wealth transfer scheme from the working to the retired. Thanks to the fact that few people seem to know these facts, anyone who tries to change this scam is committing political suicide. The retired will ALWAYS get their money from the current working class. So, increase the average life span and we have a BIG problem with the working class being taxed into poverty. Even with the current system we can calculate that the tax rate by 2050 is going to have to be 75%. Increase the average life span by just a couple of years and the tax rate on those still working goes over 100%.

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