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mara on Jul 26, 2002 at 13:21

Re: Humans & Pufferfish - This One's For Mara (DA Morgan)

i clicked and read the link.

it's really interesting. if i understand the article correctly, it seems to indicate that fish have more identified proteins than humans do. i really don't know much about fish dna, but this is worth my reading up on.

one thing i did find out when i was analyzing the dna sequence of human blood group A genes, both group A antigens and group A antibodies, is that they are practically identical to mouse blood group antigen and antibody sequences.

if somebody printed a blood group A dna sequence, it would be verrrry difficult to tell whether the sequence was from a human or a mouse.

so i will keep an eye out for when they compare the mouse gemone sequence to humans, the way they compared the pufferfish genome sequence to the human one.

do you think this will finally answer the question "Are you a man or a mouse"? :)

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