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mara on Jul 26, 2002 at 11:11

Re: more monkey business...or...gorilla gal (DA Morgan)

i've been thinking about the idea of the numbers of creatures involved in the beginnings of what is considered 'human' origins.

the idea of only two parents or the idea of eight members of one family doesn't seem realistic to me.

in many situations in biology, it is necessary for the numbers of organisms to reach a critical mass, a minimum number of organisms, for a process to function.

perhaps, this level of critical mass or critical number of organisms weere necessary for the beginnings of 'humans'.

then the stories about two or about eight indidviduals is more like a condensed version of the accurate scenario. it is not really incorrect, it is just a summary version.

whadda ya think of that ?

p.s. what genetics courses have you taken ?

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