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Re: The Future of Cars, Assured-Running on Hydrogen (Mike Kremer)

HUH? Energy is energy whether it is from open combustion or a fuel cell or direct collisions at a quantum level. When you combine 2 atoms of hydrogen with one of oxygen you get 326 BTUs per SCF. There ain't no such thing as a free lunch. You can't change the difference in internal energy in water by changing the way you make it from hydrogen and oxygen.

1 Gal gas=380 SCF H2 =114 SCF Nat gas =8 lbs coal
(all approx)

Yes. 1 gal gas = 126,000 BTUs = 387 SCF H2 = 51 to 180 SCF Nat. gas = 8.25 to 22.9 Lbs. coal.

Its understandable that development data for fuel cell plus elec: motor, is not available, being kept, understandably secret by the Companies involved.

Is this an international conspiracy or just the evil US corporations? Is all the data out there designed to mislead us or is it just a leaky system the corporations arenít able to control?

You seem to be under the impression that a fuel cell somehow magically produces more energy than is available in the atoms used as fuel. Once you are disabused of that idea, go back and calculate how many cubic feet of hydrogen are needed to provide the same energy as a 20 gallon tank of gasoline. Then calculate how large a tank is needed to accommodate that much gas. Even at 40PSI, it is HUGE!!! Bobba did the math for you and came up with a 5,000PSI pressure to get something that would fit in a car and I did the math and came up with 45,000 PSI to get it down to the same size as we currently have in a gas tank.

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