Nice time to see the stars!

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Joseph Rufine on Jul 26, 2002 at 10:17

Man, there is so much happening is space right now! Sunbursts, nebulae, brown dwarfs, the imminent doom of us all in 2019 (just kidding!) I've hardly gotten any sleep what with staying up all night and looking around the universe! Just go to to see what I'm talking about people, but in my opinion, this is so cool! I just thought I'de pass the science bug to everyone else here considering how cool it is. I recommend going and buying yourself a telescope ASAP! Just look at some astrology charts and look around! I remember the first time I saw the Big Dipper, I was totally awed, and I want everyone, especially young people to get enthused about space again. I'm so excited, I'm buying a really strong Celestron CM1400 model from Edmund Scientifics, but that's getting a little carried away. Like I said, we should get young people to get interested in Astronomy like I was as a youngster. I you don't know anything about telescopes, shop around and find some really good deals. (I recommend because that's where i got my Meade ETX model and it works well.) Regardless, it's time for astronomy enthusiasts such as myself to make a comeback, so get yourselves some really nice telescopes and start enjoying what I've been enjoying for over 25 years!

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