Re: Space Rock 'on collision Course --Remember Eros?

Posted by Mike Kremer on Jul 25, 2002 at 22:31

Re: Space Rock 'on collision Course (DA Morgan)

I believe that when NASA landed their small spacecraft on Eros last Feb: 2001. They certainly did it to collect data should we ever have to divert an actual Asteroid heading our way.
Daniel is right, a small diversion could be achieved by altering its reflectivity...provided
it was'nt rolling.
The tiny Shoemaker Eros lander was able to match Eros for speed and actually orbited Eros a number of times if I rem: before it suceeded in making a difficult landing due to Eros's end to end rotation. Anyway its on Eros to stay, probably for hundreds of thousands of years.
However, before they finally divert an Asteroid
we've got to get up there somewhere near it, even if they were to use a laser as Wozza suggested.
The best bet might be to actually nudge it, using
short blasts of rocket exhaust. It should be easier than when we landed on Eros, the only difficulty would be to ensure each nudge was in the same plane.
Prehaps NASA should keep a suitable vehicle, up on 'the stocks'at Canaaveral at all times, just in case it was required.

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