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Posted by Southern Man on Jul 25, 2002 at 07:42

Re: Space Rock 'on collision Course (DA Morgan)

Sorry but you either underestimate the size of the Great Pyramid or overestimate the size of nuclear weapons. If you placed your bomb on the surface you would knock a good sized chunk off and maybe get some falling from above into the hole but the majority of the stones would still be there. And here on earth you have something to work against - air. Space is slippery. When the shockwave hits rock it bounces off and, with nothing but vacuum to push against, the shock travels harmlessly off into space.

If you placed the bomb in the center as you suggest then you could knock the top off. The bottom would still be there because as the shock wave tried to drive stones into the ground it would again be reflected. The only stones free to move outward are the ones above the bomb. So you would end up with most of the pyramid base still in place. But this has nothing to do with the asteroid. You proposed dragging a bomb down an existing tunnel 100 meters long. For the asteroid problem you first have to figure out how to drill through 1 kilometer of rock while in space farther from earth than only a handful of probes have ever traveled.

Wishful thinking might be an acceptable solution in your world but I like to deal in reality.

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