Dan---iel!!! Go wash your mouth out! Physic-active, no less!

Posted by Sparrow on Jul 24, 2002 at 15:18

Re: Apples to Arks? (DA Morgan)

[If I were being DAM-ish right about now, I would begin a frothing, vitriolic diatribe about the mind behind the response above not being worthy of inhabiting the carapace of a Corinthian Cockroach! -- but -- I'm not and I won't. A strong cathartic might be of some mild assistance to that attitude of his, howcomesomever.....]

"Time was created in place," as in time, measured by the light from the most distant stars and galaxies telling us just how "old" those stars and galaxies are.....

Next question? (You can skip the sardonics, if it's all the same between us, here, Daniel.)


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