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mara on Jul 24, 2002 at 15:04

Re: more monkey business...or...gorilla gal (anyman)

from the earlier posting from
July 23, 2002 at 00:46

"glad to be of some use to the community...even if only to provide comic relief" :-)

oh, and you do, you do !!!!!!!!!!!! :):):):):)

i read this and thought it was a riot !

i haven't seem such stuff since i put up a small web page about evolution and got an e-mail about it that was about three or four times larger than the web page that i put up.

the e-mail that i got was about Seth, and the other guys. i replied to the e-mail and stated that if Seth was blood group A, one of the other guys was group B, and another was group O, it would be interesting to discuss the topic.
my reply was not replied to.

your analysis of the genetics and noah combo was too much.

sincerely, please answer this:
have you ever had a college level course in genetics, and if so what was it ?

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