Re: Space Rock 'on collision Course

Posted by bobba on Jul 24, 2002 at 08:51

Re: Space Rock 'on collision Course (Southern Man)

I still say it's worth trying to figure out. I'm back to my nuclear-tipped bunker busting missiles. Worth a shot - and fun to watch! even if it didn't work. Even though the odds are thatíll end up NOT being on a collision course, it'd still be a great rock to practice on.

Anyway, the last two paragraphs of the linked article where humorous.

Dr Yeomans said the world would have to get used to finding more objects like NT7 that, on discovery, look threatening, but then become harmless.

"This is because the problem of Near-Earth Objects is now being properly addressed," he said.

So they look threatening, and then become harmless because we're addressing them properly. Makes sense to me. Would that be Mr. Asteroid or perhaps Asteroid. Just donít piss it off by using itís shortened nickname.

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