Re: more monkey business...or...gorilla gal

Posted by anyman on Jul 23, 2002 at 14:03

Re: more monkey business...or...gorilla gal (DA Morgan)

So there were Chinese people on this planet 2200 years ago. Which two of the people on Noah's ark, one male and one female, was their direct relative?

maybe you still don't get it...the people that would later become known as the "chinese" (~2200 years ago) already existed...they just weren't called "chinese" then

noah and his wife to be sure...if the "sinite" thought is found tenable then ham and his wife (unless he was fooling around) would be their guyngal :-)

why is this kind of exactitude important...i mean you don't offer or request anything similar from the evolutionary scenario...just wondering

in other words...what's your point, pinhead :-)

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