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Posted by anyman on Jul 23, 2002 at 13:52

Re: ...the Cosmic Apple! (SFX: Reverb) -- brought to the top and tied in... (DA Morgan)

one possible if not very probable way would be if the pangean land mass didn't divide until sometime after they disembarked from the ark, after the flood...though that massive land break probably occurred during the flood a la catastrophic plate tectonics (ie continental sprint as opposed to continental drift :-) or some other catasrophic means (more another time)

another, more probable way, is if they went east instead of west and crossed the alaskan-siberian land bridge...which would also have probably been a shorter walk

or maybe they went over the north pole...

where did you learn to think, eh...from the back of a box of cap'n crunch or the inside of a box of cracker jacks :-)

why is it that they could only go west :-)

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