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Posted by anyman on Jul 23, 2002 at 00:46

Re: more monkey business...or...gorilla gal (Therm)

Your creationist theories fall down when actual evidence is discussed.

interesting...i find the same to be true of evolutionary theory when actual evidence is considered

i disagree with your assessment of creationist it's your opinion against mine

Anyone who knows anything about science knows that what any individual person says to the media about this skull (or any other piece of science) is irrelevant because for scientists the data speaks for itself.

that's a very noble albeit utopian view of the other words...

nonsense...anyone that knows anything about science knows that most scientists are too busy to check on everyone else's work...they, like most everyone else, trust the very subjective peer-review system and the other scientists that publish in their respective fields (whether within their own fields or not) on faith...

anyone that knows anything about science, knows that most scientists are incapable of assessing or even cogently reviewing raw data outside of their given microspeciality

and some do little better at synthesizing the results that come from those that do interpret the raw data

most peer-reviewed publications refuse to publish papers that either attempt to refute evolutionary findings or that promote creationary findings...most of them also refuse to print rebuttals to the accepted material that is published after peer-review

So this is why creationists will generally avoid discussion of actual data at all costs, or simply just leave the thread when specifics arise and claim further down the track that they dealt with this topic and won the debate.

interesting...i find this to be true of many evolutionary scientists...especially in the public debate setting

most scientists believe in the evolutionary philosophy because...they believe that most scientists believe in the evolutionary philosophy...

it's a kind of self-perpetuating, self-fulfilling prophecy kind of thing :-) ...except that it never is very fulfilling in reality

to be fair...the same could be said of many that espouse the creationary worldview...and even those that claim to or even actually expouse the christian worldview...their faith is often inherited and parroted rather than evidenced :-)

Still, you do make it interesting around here. :) that an emoticon

glad to be of some use to the community...even if only to provide comic relief :-)

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