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Posted by anyman on Jul 22, 2002 at 18:27

Re: more monkey business...or...gorilla gal (Thermus aquaticus)

Scientific reactions to this find have been mixed. Some believe it is an ancient hominid. Some believe it is an ancient chimpanzee. Some believe it is an ancient ape. Some believe it is none of these, but rather is a member of an evolutionary line that died out.

yeah...but you would never know it by the headlines and quotes from some in the scientific community, and some of them key players in the paleoanthroplogy community...and for many, it is already a fact...and in the minds of millions that have been exposed to the media hype it is already a fact and it further reinforces the many headlines that they have seen in the past (many of which were later, though far more quietly, discounted or shuffled off to other "lineages," or reexplained or revised or respun or whatever in some other way :-)

Despite your fantasies, one thing is obvious: different scientists may have made up their minds, but science has not made up its mind on this skull.

at least you have learned enough at this site to now differentiate between science and scientISTS...there may be hope for you yet

you mean like this, right

Scientists say the importance of the discovery, unearthed in the Djurab desert of northern Chad, cannot be underestimated.

"This is a very exciting find. It expands our knowledge of early evolution in a couple of different ways, both in time and in space," said Ian Tattersall, an anthropologist at The American Museum of Natural History. It is the first hominid fossil found in central Africa. see here and here

Of course, you could help to reverse my opinion of you if you pointed out the specific evidence that you think has been misinterpreted. The discoverer of the fossil thinks itís a hominid. Why donít you impress us all with your analysis of the data?

to what end, impress "us all"'re doing a great job of impressing yourself...i'm not here to impress you or change your opinion about anything

i am here to learn from the good stuff, and enjoy counter the evolutionary nonsense, and enjoy present alternative perspectives and interpretations, and enjoy it...and to demonstrate that one can be well educated and still rationally hold to the creationary worldview, and enjoy it :-)

does anyone else present an in-depth analysis of all the data presented by the papers or links on this site...gimme a break, eh :-)

save your busy work for someone else, guy

and please note that i have never (at least in my memory) linked you or anyone else to a "creationist website"...that is not to say that i won't in future...just that i have not...i have only linked you to evolutionary sources

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