...the Cosmic Apple! (SFX: Reverb) -- brought to the top and tied in...

Posted by Sparrow on Jul 22, 2002 at 17:45

Re: no no no...say it ain't so (DA Morgan)

OK, let's start it again....

For speculation's sake, let's say that we can imagine -- a pure figment of our Minds, an "eidolon" -- an imaginary Apple as large as the Universe. Does the image occur in your mind sequentially, piece by piece, much as a real apple grows? -- or -- does every aspect of the imagined apple come into our awareness at one instant -- seeds, stem, meat, juice? (I hope that this is taken as sophomoric, rhetorical, as it's intended.)


Whether you like or trust the recounting of it or not, Scriptures say that God spoke the Cosmos into being, calling it forth, as it were, from His Mind, an eidolon. The parallel of the (SFX:...etc....) Cosmic Apple! should be obvious -- one doesn't have to mentally plot each drop of the juice in the Apple, nor does God have to mentally plot each photon to "make" the Cosmos appear old. It's just the nature of the Thing Created.

Using the best methods of Scientific speculation, one must at least deal with the parallel. Whether it's so is a matter of Belief.


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