Exxon-Mobil seeking public funds?

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Eudaemonic Pie on Jan 24, 2002 at 14:59
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Re: I'm shivering in my thermal underwear .. (DA Morgan)

See the Financial Times, Tuesday.

Rene Dahan, a senior vice prez of Exxon-Mobil
says ------> "we would see some funding on our side!"

Well hell, D.A., I'd like to see a little funding on my side too, wouldn't you???

Continuing. EM will mount an global public research effort into more efficient energy generation and use.

Warms my heart.

Honestly, I feel Bobba's point about privatization deserves full hearing, 'cuz gov't (my bias) ain't the cure .. "it's not my job where the rockets come down or the temperature goes up ..."

See, Tuesday's Financial Times. This goes to Bobba's point about taxation (aka will we be taxed to fund Exxon's private parts?)

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