At last

Posted by bobbapink on Jul 20, 2002 at 21:08

Re: this planet (Uncle Al)

At last you realize the purpose of this forum. Perhaps you did all along.

Rest assured you'll get no thanks. Perhaps you expected none.

BTW, I ran your analysis of the "earth iron core" post past an astronomer netquaintance(1) of mine. His replied that it was "right on the money." I'd have known that had I been able to decipher it. He then elaborated in bobbaspeak(2) and forced me to understand. I then re-read a couple of your more entertaining essays from your website…which reminded me that I’ve yet to debate you regarding the dog intelligence/brain size issue. But I digress.

1. I made that word up; it means internet acquaintance.
2. English using less than seven-letter words and plenty of links.

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