DAM: recall (FX: Twilight Zone theme, Reverb) The Cosmic Apple!

Posted by Sparrow on Jul 19, 2002 at 21:55

Re: he he he... (DA Morgan)

If (for argument's purpose -- think-tanking, like Mara said above) the Cosmos was created intact, like a universe-sized apple (not an impossible speculation, but a bit fanciful) then the juice within the apple permeates the WHOLE apple from the get-go.

In the same fashion, light and time will permeate the whole of Creation, from the moment of Creation and does not need to emanate/progress from any center like a Big Bang theory would demand. I don't think that you heard me when I proposed this a few months ago, or you ignored me then (and now?) because it threatens your arguments against Creation or young earth.

Your turn....8^)

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