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DA Morgan on Jul 19, 2002 at 13:10

Re: How a god would create a universe (Michael Kremer)

Don't commend me. I'm just getting a bit of payback for all the thousands of hours, and dollars, invested in my education. I'd like to take credit for the concept ... but integrity prevails.

Next time you are anywhere that they have holograms on display ... take a really good look at the holograph. Then take a really good look at the display. Then ask yourself the following question ...

If the strings that are displayed (and assuming string theory is correct those photons are strings) were to be replaced by strings with vibrations that made them into quarks and electrons (atoms), then wouldn't the physics of that display be real physics? the chemistry real chemistry? ... I think you get where this leads.

Eventually to entities composed of those strings (us) asking the questions ... what am I?, where am I?, how did I get here?, what is it all about?

It is impossible to separate the cutting edge of physics from the meanderings of philosophy.

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