Classic CNN misrepresentation - Dan's been had again...

Posted by bobbapink on Jul 19, 2002 at 08:27

Re: Oh no ... not again (DA Morgan)

From the linked CNN article...

[b]Scientists have long warned that global warming -- when heat-trapping gases force atmospheric temperatures to rise -- could eventually raise sea levels to a dangerous point by melting ice sheets and glaciers.[/b]

From the University of Alaska Fairbanks

[b]Echelmeyer [the co-author] is hesitant to say these recent changes are the result of a warmer climate because he feels one decade is not long enough to tell the complete story. He points out that tidewater glaciers, such as Columbia, are less affected by climate change because of the ocean's effect on the face of the glacier and its foundation.[/b]

Still, the CNN story is more exciting so that makes it alright.

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