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Re: DAM, you're changing the topic again... (Sparrow)


Come back. D.A. isn't off-topic.

"I discovered randomness---that's the amazing fact that some mathematical statements are true for no reason, they're true by accident." -- G. Chaitin

What are? What aren't.

Look, I'm interested. I didn't mean a full set of working parameters aka, omniscience. I meant a list. As in list up. Provisionally. Remember the term, provisionality? Or is "belief" immutable? I know you know better. But, a list was all I was asking. Your question is a killer hard question in ethology and behavioral biology. You're focus seems to be mircrobio-to-tissue effect? right? If my question is bafflegab, it's only because every newly emergent field of scientific inquiry is bafflegab as it goes through trial and error just getting off the ground, no? Ah, I feel better now that I said all this! That sweet eu phoric aaaah ... :))). Let's do this again!

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