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DA Morgan on Jul 18, 2002 at 12:07

Re: Einstein and relativity (ScienceFan)

Much of what you read is sour-grapes. Facts written in a manner to prejudice understanding.

Einstein made no attempt to hide the fact that his work was all based on that of others. But then again, so is that of anyone in any discipline. None of us live in a vacuum.

What was absolutely critically unique about Einstein was his ability to formulate the mathematics. And to suggest ways to test the theory's postulates.

Any idiot can get an idea. It takes a genius to present the supporting math and the means to test it.

And please ... whenever a books says that Einstein's theory is e=mc^2 understand right then and there that the author of the book is taking great liberties with the truth. This equation is as much Einstein as cutting down a cherry tree or tossing a silver dollar across the Potomac are George Washington.

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