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Posted by Mike Kremer on Jul 18, 2002 at 01:50

Re: How a god would create a universe (Dogrock)

I agree with your last sentence.
Dr Wolfram's 'simple' programs can draw some amazingly lifelike 2 dimensional pictures of very many actual biological events that are realised in nature.
I would question as to what degree his pictures
produced in his computer, using maths formula
actually reflect, the basis of life, as he implies. I say this because nature itself reflects the uncanny ability to present itself in the macro world as series of fixed sides.
For instance six sided Snowflakes. 6 sided Carbon. the 12 sided spirals of the sunflower.
Starfish legs, and many many more of the same ilk, as you penetrate deeper into nature itself.
Dr Wolfram may have produced a wonderful method for 'taking literal photographs' of Nature, without a camera. I mean that his special simplistiuc formulae could well be based upon a multiplicity Spirals of four,six, eight and twelve sides etc.
He has certainly produced actual 2D pictures which one cannot tell apart from the real ones in Nature taken by a electron microscope.
Amazing, ..they really are, if you compare his pictures with the real thing.Dr Wolfram is a very clever man indeed, I met him briefly 25 years ago, when he was selling his Mathematica at a computer seminar. He is a man worth watching. Time will tell.
Cant help thinking his amazing pictures are his formulae, based upon the basic fundamentals of Natures building blocks?
Gone out to buy his book.

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