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Posted by bobbapink on Jul 17, 2002 at 17:39

Re: New theory about the sun takes shape (DA Morgan)

Whether it has an iron core or not, for fun I wonder what the upper bound on the iron core would be.

High temperature and pressure are required to fuse hydrogen.

Fusion would not occur inside the iron core.

The larger the core grows, the farther from the center the fusion occurs.

The farther from the center you are, the less the pressure and temperature.

At some point, the temp/pres are not enough.

So how far can we go?

Smallest known star is>Gliese 623B . It is ten times smaller and 60,000 times fainter than our Sun.

This is a bit tricky. I wish it was conveniently 10 times fainter and Iím pretty sure the relationship is non-linear.

Perhaps Uncle Al has the expertise to correctly calculate this for I can go no further.

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