An act of faith isn't a theory

Posted by Dogrock on Jul 16, 2002 at 20:36

Re: theory voted most likely to... (anyman)

We could argue about this until we're blue in the face. One is a theory 'Evolution' the other is an act of faith. I couldn't begin to explain the difference between having all the time in the world to figure God's plan, because he's ultimately in charge so we have no real responsibility, than seeing ourselves as struggling against the vastness of the universe with nothing more than our own brain and brawn to rely on. I've seen no evidence in looking at nature and humanity that there is a benigning God, in the last analysis everything struggles for survival. Whatever faith I have lies in the fact that I am here by the efforts of those before me, who once believed the mountains could be angry, that the earth was the centre, that there was an above and below, that the earth was flat, that time was absolute. Do we rely on pronouncements of faith or continue to eat the 'forbidden fruit' and test ourselves against the vast unknown.

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